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EVATEC process systems. Supplying the Thin Film market with sputter and evaporators

United Vacuum & Materials


UVM represent Evatec Process systems in the Scandinavian market.
(Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland).

EVATEC was founded in 2004, under a management buyout from Unaxis (BALZERS).

Evatec is recognized as a leading supplier of thin film deposition products and services to the global semiconductor and optics industries.


With over 1000 systems in daily production around the globe, Evatec coaters are the industry standard platform.



EVATEC are not only manufactoring their world wide famous Evaporators but they are also producing a sputter tool and a Multi process platform.


EVATEC are today working close together with CORIAL to integrate their technology into the Multi process platform known as RADIANCE.


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EVATEC - Evaporators


EVATEC - Sputter tool

EVATEC - Multi process platform

























Evatec together with UVM is supplying the famous evaporaters in the BAK line



EVATEC Evaporation system

BAK 641

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