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United Vacuum & Materials AB


We are situated in the heart of the city of Gothenburg. The location gives us the benefit of being in the middle of our business cover of the Scandinavian market.

We have a long and good understanding of the Coating technology.



  • We have complete Evaporation systems, Sputter systems as well
    as Etch and deposition systems.


  • Spareparts 
    Original spareparts for old Balzers systems.

  • Retrofits

  • Coating materials
    planar targets
    Rotatable targets

    Evaporation materials


  • Accessories
    Liners, Boats, Filaments, Quartz etc.


  • Please feel free to contact us for more information on what we can offer.

























EVATEC - United Vacuum & Materials - supplying the market with sputter tools and Evaporation depostitioning systems



EVATEC Evaporation system

BAK 641

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